Gutter Vacuum Equipment and Tooling

The development and revolution of products from Spinaclean, with the comprehensive range of High Reach Cleaning SkyVac systems have changed the way we work. As a result, options that allow for safer cleaning of gutters and downpipes, SkyVac and Spinaclean systems distributed by SkyVac Australia have “safety” as the number one priority. Providing a reach of up to 12 meters, operators are able to clean, guttering and roofs. In addition to carrying out inspections easily with a wireless camera.

“Falls from height are in the top three workplace accidents associated with cleaning activities.”

High Reach Cleaning. Man cleaning high gutters from the ground.

Ideally suited for homeowners, small to large businesses, also including franchise models, there is a Gutter Cleaning System with all the necessary gutter tooling suited for you.

Ask the team SkyVac Australia more about all your Gutter Vacuum equipment and commercial vacuum needs. Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania and also New Zealand.

High Internal Vacuuming and Dusting

Working at heights is not just related to outdoor work. High Reach Cleaning with Internal vacuuming and High Dusting systems is another niche market that Spinaclean and SkyVac provide solutions for.

With a large range of commercial vacuum equipment including a selection of carbon fibre push-fit or telescopic vacuum poles, operators are able to vacuum with ease at heights up to 12 meters indoors from the safety of the ground.

Sensitive environments are not a problem. The range from SkyVac also includes the ATEX range of products.

High Reach Cleaning. Man cleaning internal building with high reach system.

Manufactured from the World’s most advanced materials. The powerful SkyVac ATEX System removes the densest dust with one cleaning phase. Reducing time, and hazards and keeping your work environment safer. For more information on all your internal commercial vacuum cleaners and vacuuming needs, please contact the team SkyVac Australia. Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania and also New Zealand.

Quality Parts and Accessories

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