In conjunction with our sister companies

We as a complete group and intertwined into the cleaning industry are here to offer service, sales and support across all facets, including Gutter Vacuums Systems, High Internal Dusting and Vacuuming, Window Cleaning Equipment and Supplies both from Ionic Systems and Moerman, as well as more grouped products under the Blue Tongue Industries banner.

Spinaclean’s MD Andy Whiting, in 2003 introduced SkyVac™ system which revolutionised professional gutter cleaning and is a innovative, low-cost, high-reach cleaning and inspection system with industrial-strength suction, that allows effective cleaning.

Firmly established in over 35 countries, today the SkyVac is the world’s most powerful gutter cleaning machine and has successfully evolved into an internal high-level cleaning system. Variations for external cleaning coming in different configurations from electric models to petrol self contained systems. The internal vacuum equipment is specially tailored and also meets requirement when needed for explosive areas (Atex Systems).

Complete business packages in both gutter gleaning, window cleaning, pressure cleaning and washing and now also softwashing backed by training is what we can offer, small to large and facility services in business.