Country Side – Turning over a new leaf

April 2 2019

Spring. The new growing season. It’s also your last-ditch opportunity to tidy up the leftover leaves and debris caused by a winter of wind and rain of epic proportions. Malcolm Bates has what you need for the job

Who was the bright spark at the Met Office that came up with the idea of naming storms? I’m guessing ‘the spark’ in question doesn’t have a garden. Because were that the case, I’m pretty sure the names chosen would better reflect the chaos and effort involved in clearing up after them. So if you feel like you’ve been under attack from ‘Storm Adolf’, ‘Atilla’ or ‘Vlad-the-Impaler’ in recent months, the following selection of kit might come in useful in helping to get your garden and other outdoor areas clean and tidy – so you can enjoy the spring in all its glory.

If left, rotting clumps of dead leaves can block drains and kill off your grass – although do take care when clearing them over the next few weeks in case a hibernating hedgehog has made its home in a sheltered corner.

Mud from countless wellie-wearing missions over winter will soon turn to dust in dry weather. So that has to go, too. Besides, if not swept clean, your yard could soon be sprouting a crop of enthusiastic weeds to add to your troubles!

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