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April 19 2019

Gutter Cleaning made easy with Gutter Vacuum Equipment from SkyVac Australia

Home and business owners need to be aware of wording with there chosen insurance policy. Regular maintenance on your complete home exterior, to protect again water ingress is a must when a claim is submitted. This will also include such tasks as silicon maintenance around windows and roofing, balustrade, blocked gutters and down pipes. Home owners need to be proactive with maintenance, and if they are not able to carry out repair and cleaning tasks themselves , will need to engage reputable trades.

You will find numerous extracts similar to ” Your home insurance will cover your house and contents for water damage caused by an insured event such as a storm. But if the damage is the result of a leak in your roof that the insurer deems to be a maintenance issue (and thus not covered), the water damage to your home and contents will usually not be covered. “

Blocked gutters can cause damage to your home so it’s important to understand how your insurance cover can protect you. Water running back over eaves and soffits, will be deemed a maintenance issue.

Damage to your home caused by blocked gutters may not be covered by your insurance, which is why it’s important to clean your gutters regularly. SkyVac vacuum equipment will allow home owners and maintenance personal to carry out effective vacuuming of your gutters.

Events caused by storms outside a business or home owners control is what is normally deemed acceptable for insurance claims. If water damage caused by blocked gutters or lack of maintenance is the result of a storm then this may not be covered. It is important to understand your insurance policy wording and if not discuss it with your chosen company.

SpinaClean and Skyvac make a vast array of specially designed equipment that allow gutter cleaning with gutter vacuum systems up to 12 metres in reach height, all from the safety of the ground. Inspection camera systems will allow regular surveillance of these to determine when cleaning is necessary. For more general information about any of our high vacuum systems contact us today, SkyVac Australia.

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