How To Look After Your SkyVac™ Industrial 85, Commercial 75 & Interceptor

December 30 2019
How to look after your skyVac™ Industrial 85

How To Look After Your SkyVac Industrial 85, Commercial 75 & Interceptor. To keep you powering through those gutters, it’s important to take care of your SkyVac™ Industrial 85, SkyVac Commercial 75 as well as your Interceptor units. To help you do this, we’ve put together our 4 top tips for keeping your system in top condition:

4 Top Tips

1) Clean your filter

Regular filter maintenance takes only 5 minutes, to ensure your machine is operating with maximum suction power. If your filter is clogged that means the motor has to work harder to draw air through, and this can lead to a loss of suction. The filter is super easy to access (housed under the motor and behind the protection plate) and is even easier to clean. Simply use a stiff brush to get rid of dust and dirt, then wash under a tap to get in between the pleats. If you want a more thorough clean, you can also give the float valve holder a wash (the part that looks like a basket), to get rid of any dirt stuck in there. That’s all it takes!

2) Clean your poles

To ensure your poles are performing at their best, make sure to flush them out after any clean. After you’ve finished your job, simply fill a bucket of water and vacuum it to flush out the dirt. It takes even less time than cleaning your filter and keeps your poles in tip-top shape!

3) Secure your machine in transit

A key feature of the Industrial is its front locking castor wheels. Use them when transporting your machine, you don’t want it to get damaged, so secure it with the locking castor wheels. This might be common sense, but it’s better to be safe than sorry – double-check those castors!

4) Book in for a service

You might use your SkyVac™ every day, just like your car, so wouldn’t it make sense to be able to have it serviced as well? You can contact Spinaclean today to book your system for its yearly service. Our engineers can take a look at it for you and make sure everything is running as it should be. Call us today to book yours in for a service: 1300 88 45 66

How To Look After Your SkyVac™ Top Tip: Have a spare filter so that you can rotate with a freshly washed one on a daily basis. Click here to purchase another one! We also recommend that you change your filter twice a year to keep your machine operating at maximum strength.

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