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skyVac® Atom Replacement Top Lid

skyVac® Atom Replacement Top Lid

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Sitting directly under the handle for the skyVac® Mighty Atom, the top lid screws onto of the top of the system.

NB:  The listing is for the disc only and does not include the screws.

Features and Benefits

Sitting directly underneath the handle, the Lid sits directly on top of the skyVac® Mighty Atom.


Lid that sits directly underneath the handle.

Single round disc with four outer screw holes, and two central screw holes for the handle.

Material:  Plastic

Compatible with the skyVac® Atom and Mighty Atom.

NB:  Does not include screws.

Included as Standard

Single replacement top lid, compatible with the skyVac® Mighty Atom and skyVac® Atom.