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Survey Cam

Introducing surveycam, the world’s first all-in-one survey camera

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Introducing surveycam, the world’s first all-in-one survey camera, extending up to 32ft or 50ft with high spec cameras for all photographic and video needs.


Surveycam is weatherproof and has a white LED lights within the camera that are activated from the monitor, as well as many other features which you can see below


  • 5″ colour LCD
  • Zoom functionality
  • 2.5 hours battery life (LED Off)
  • Micro SD card storage
  • HD picture quality
  • 50m + working range

High Spec Monitor

Surveycam features a 5″ colour LCD with 3 levels of zoom. Both picture taking and recording video with date and time indicator. This also features a Built-in lithium battery (2.5 hours). The monitors have a protective jacket with a Sun Shade and come with a micro SD card and card reader/USB plug for onsite picture transfer to laptop or smart phone.

HD built in camera

Surveycam‘s detachable camera features a rubber on and off button for ease of use, as well as two white LED Lights and adjustable focus for accurate close-up filming. There’s no need to worry about not seeing how much battery you have left, Surveycam has an easy power indicator.

Detachable camera

Surveycam‘s camera features a HD Picture Quality camera with its own Built-in Lithium battery. As well as featuring a White LED light, there’s also a quick release clamp for attaching the camera to the pole.


Surveycam telescopic poles made from ultra-light weight carbon fibre

  • 32ft or 50ft Options
  • Collapsed height of only 6ft
  • Manufactured from premium high modulus carbon fibre
  • Ergonomically designed


Surveycam poles are designed to offer optimum results from the safety of the ground eliminating the need for working at a height and the potential risks and extensive training required for using items such as ladders or cherry pickers. Our carbon fibre pole system is incredibly light weight for minimal impact on the user. When combined with the camera system the sole operator can quickly and safely survey in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods such as ladders or cherry pickers and with a minimum of disruption.


Industry Applications

Surveycam can be used for a wide range of products in many different industry sectors. Below you can see which industries which are best for surveycam.

Survey Cam

Security/law enforcementSecurity/law enforcement

Warehouse Goods InspectionWarehouse Goods Inspection

External Building InspectionsExternal Building Inspections


Building Inspectors / SurveyorsBuilding Inspectors / Surveyors

Pest ControlPest Control

Solar Panel Inspectors / SuppliersSolar Panel Inspectors / Suppliers

Insurance InspectionsInsurance Inspections


Estate Agents Property SalesEstate Agents Property Sales

Infrastructure SurveysInfrastructure Surveys

Stock CheckStock Check



Surveycam can be used for a range of different projects whether there’s a project for the house or for a business, Surveycam will adapt to any situation that you might need the device in.

2.5 Hours of battery life2.5 Hours of battery life

Surveycam’s lithium battery lasts for 2.5 hours allowing for any project


Whether your job is inside or out, surveycam is up to the job

Micro SD card and card readerMicro SD card and card reader

Easy transfer on-site of images from SD card to any device