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Trackside External Pole Sets

Made from non-conductive materials. Special Trackside Pole Kits for Railway Industry.

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Made from non-conductive materials.

Package Includes:
Non-Conductive Poles (1.5m each)
4 x Variable Tool Ends
2 x Blue Angled Tool Holders
1 x Carry Bag

  • For inside & outside train stations
  • Made of non-conductive materials
  • Unique interchangeable tools
  • No clips or brackets required to secure the poles
  • Each pole only weighs 335 grams

Special Trackside Pole Kits for Railway Industry available, please contact our office for more information. 

Part Numbers

Trackside-Ext-4-Pole-Set 44mm
Trackside-Ext-6-Pole-Set 44mm 
Trackside-Ext-8-Pole-Set 44mm


Kit Sizes

4 Pole, 6 Pole, 8 Pole