Safer Ways to Clean your Gutters with a SkyVac Gutter Vacuum.

April 20 2019

Information from the Australian website Australian Competition Consumer Commission explains the risks and injuries associated with ladder usage annually.

Extract ”
On average 4.5 Australians, mainly men, die each year after falling from a ladder.  Most men injured or killed after falling from a ladder were at or nearing retirement age and were doing maintenance around the home.

The Australian National Coroners Information System indicates:

  • the average age of people who die in ladder-related accidents is 65 years old
  • 32 per cent  of deaths were in the 70–79 year age group
  • 96 per cent of fatalities were male
  • over 85 per cent of deaths occur in non-occupational activities
  • 34 per cent of these deaths occur during home maintenance activities.

Ladder injury occurs in an older age group than DIY injuries in general — the peak age for DIY injuries is 30–34 years. “

Proper safety precautions and safety harnesses are a must when carrying out any roof maintenance, with Gutter Cleaning and Vacuuming of a roof at far extremities are at the fore front for safety roof harnesses and anchors.

Designed by Spinaclean’s MD Andy Whiting, in 2003 the SkyVac™ system revolutionised professional gutter cleaning and is an innovative, low-cost, high-reach cleaning and inspection system with industrial-strength suction.

Firmly established in over 35 countries, today the SkyVac is the world’s most powerful gutter cleaning machine and has successfully evolved into an internal high-level cleaning system.

When Trades and Homeowners have choice it is paramount that safety comes first. The skyvac vacuum systems enable operators to reach to 12 metres from the ground. See the full range of External Gutter Cleaning systems as well as high internal vacuum equipment at SkyVac Australia

Stay safe !

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