SkyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck 135° Tool Holder

Unique SkyVac Innovation- Harpin Neck:  For faster gutter clearing results, reducing time consuming blockages.

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Unique SkyVac Innovation:  For faster gutter clearing results, reducing time consuming blockages.

The unique shape of the Elite Hairpin neck tool holder features a wider passageway, allowing debris to move more easily through the 135-degree bend.  This broader profile is ideal for projects with stubborn, compact gutter turf which can become lodged in narrow bends.

Features and Benefits

Unique Innovation from  skyVac® 

With the Elite Hairpin Rigid Neck Tool holder, blockages are minimised.  The curved shape and wider passageway of the neck section create more space for debris and air to circulate, for smooth movement through the 135-degree angle.  This reduces the bottlenecks and blockages that can be caused by twigs and stubborn gutter clumps and turf. 

With the improved air flow leading to a faster clean and a reduction in downtime through blockages, this innovative neck gets the job quicker!

Compatible with the skyVac® Elite Pole System, simply clamp the neck into the Elite pole and secure the chosen end tool with the clamp, and you are good to go.

For really stubborn, deep-rooted projects, we recommend using with the Elite scalloped end tool.

Key Features:

• Wider angle reduces blockages and improves air circulation for faster results

• Increased air speed by up to 3%

• Secure clamp keeps the end tool securely in place.

• Made from lightweight and durable carbon fibre materials

• Compatible with the skVac® Elite Gutter Cleaning poles and end tools. (for skyVac® Industrial and Interceptor gutter cleaning machines)

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Compatible with the Elite Carbon fibre Poles and Elite End tools (sold separately)


Approx: 30 x 24 x 6cm

Included as Standard

1 x skyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck Tool holder

(Elite pole & End tool sold separately ).

Ideal For

Faster and more effective removal of stubborn gutter growth when gutter cleaning with the skyVac® Elite Suction Poles.