SkyVac® Elite Scalloped Aluminium End Tool

SkyVac® Elite Scalloped Edge Tool offers two unique functions

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 SkyVac® Elite Scalloped Edge Tool offers two unique functions to speed up gutter debris removal making it an essential addition to your gutter cleaning equipment.

1) The shaped edges and narrow tip, allow the suction power to circulate around the gutter debris for swift removal and prevents the tool end from sticking to base of the gutter.

2) The shaped edges are effective at slicing through stubborn gutter debris such as down pipe blockages.

Features and Benefits

This innovative curved end tool is an essential addition to your skyVac® Elite equipment.  The unique shape helps to speed up the removal of stubborn gutter growths in two ways:

1) Improved Air Flow: Unlike standard gutter cleaning end tools, which feature a flat end, the curved edges and shaped end tip, enable greater air flow to the sides.  This design helps to manage the flow of debris around the sides and prevent the end tool from becoming stuck to the base of the gutter due to the immense suction power of the vacuum.

2) Slice through stubborn turf:  The curved sides also helps to slice through large growths in downpipes helping to break up stubborn turf, making it easier to remove.

Simply slot this tool into your skyVac® Elite Rigid Neck Tool Holder (sold separately) to enable you to clear gutter debris in just minutes.

Made from durable aluminium, this tool is a useful, robust addition to your skyVac® Elite gutter cleaning kit.

Key Features: 

  • Compatible with skyVac® Elite tool holders and can be used with the Rigid Neck Kit
  • The scalloped end allows for more concentrated and powerful pick up


30H x 4.5W cm

Compatible with skyVac® Elite Neck tool holders.

Included as Standard

1 x skyVac® Elite Scalloped Aluminium End Tool for use with the Elite tool holder necks.

Ideal For

The swift and effective removal of stubborn gutter growth when gutter cleaning with the skyVac® Elite Suction Poles.