SkyVac Commercial Plus Replacement Head

SkyVac Commercial Plus Replacement Head

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SkyVac Commercial PlusReplacement Head

Update your skyVac Commercial with the NEW powerful skyVac Plus Head.

  • 3300 Watts (3 x 1100 motors) mains powered wet and dry vacuum
  • 100 Inches of Water Lift – ideal for everyday gutter cleaning projects.
  • 10,500 Litres Per Minute Air Flow – for powerful dust and debris removal
  • Cyclonic 50mm side entry port – with easy click lock vac to hose attachment
  • Steel filter protection plate – guides debris around the drum, as well as acting as a foot rest.
  • Auto-shut off float valve
  • Removable and washable filter (we recommend having a spare


Skyvac®  Commercial Plus Head.

  • Three 1100 Watt motors- 3300 Watts total
  • 100” water lift
  • 10,500 litres of air movement per minute
  • 8M power cable
  • 1 x cartridge filter
  • 12.8KGs in weight