skyVac® Industrial 85 Drum Upgrade kit

skyVac® Industrial 85 Drum Upgrade kitWith Drain Hose & Sieve Basket

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skyVac® Industrial 85 Drum Upgrade kitWith Drain Hose & Sieve Basket

Separating gutter debris into solid & liquid matter, makes disposal quicker, easier, and smarter.

NEW Drum with Drain Hose and removable sieve basket is the ideal upgrade for the skyVac Industrial 85, dividing gutter debris as it enters the drum. The sieve basket catches the solid gutter debris, allowing the water to drain through into the base of the drum.  Ideal for waterlogged projects!

Simply swap your existing Industrial 85 drum with the NEW upgraded kit and you are good to go. 

Listing is for Industrial 85 replacement drum with integral drain hose featuring a sieve basket only.

Features and Benefits

The New Industrial 85 Drum with integral drain hose, and removable sieve basket, makes keeping on top of gutter debris, so much easier. 

Instead of a gutter soup, the sieve basket, captures the solid gutter debris as it enters the vacuum, allowing the liquid to drain through into the base of the drum.  The separated debris is easier and more convenient to dispose of.   Liquid can be emptied via the drain hose directly into the drains, whilst the leaves and moss captured in the sieve basket, can be tipped directly into a compost bin.

This is ideal for waterlogged projects, where blocked gutters have a build-up of standing water and saturated debris.  Water can be quickly and easily emptied from the drum using the drain hose, a quick 2-minute job.  With a 60 Litre debris capacity, the Industrial 85, when fully filled, could easily weigh up to 60kg.  So, whilst the system has been designed to easily accommodate, manoeuvre, and safely tip out this weight of debris, being able to quickly and easily remove the liquid, will really lighten the load.

For less time, effort and emptying – and more time gutter vacuuming.

Separating debris into solid and liquid matter makes disposal quicker, easier and smarter. 

Key Features:

  • Industrial 85 drum with drain hose, compatible with existing skyVac Industrial 85 models.
  • Drum has reinforced cyclonic side entry, and has a 60 litre debris capacity.
  • Drain hose with clips, mounted on the front of the drum for ease of access.
  • Slightly raised drainage point and internal filter to reduce blockages caused by fine silt or sediment.
  • Drain hose features an attached air tight cap.
  • Removable sieve basket can be easily lifted in and out of the drum using the side handles and the contents tipped into a compostable bin.
  • Separated gutter debris is much easier and faster to dispose of.
Listing is for Industrial 85 Upgrade kit.  Drum with drain hose and sieve basket only.  Complete skyVac Industrial 85 system shown for demonstration purposes only.

Gutter debris separation with the drain hose and sieve basket


1 x Industrial 85 Drum with Intergral drain hose.

1 x sieve basket

Included as Standard

Listing is for:

  • 1 Industrial 85 Drum with Integral drain hose with end cap and clips.
  • Removable sieve basket with feet (Can also be purchased separately).

Compatible with Industrial 85 Vacuum Head, trolley and pole system.