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April 13 2019

Spinaclean Welcomes New Australian Dealer

The whole team at Spinaclean are delighted to welcome on board our new Australian Dealer – Gordon Cornish. Gordon will be the main distributor for SkyVac in Australia, selling and promoting SkyVac throughout the country. Gordon does a fantastic job of promoting SkyVac on social media, and has already grown an audience on different social platforms within weeks!

Check out the video below where Paul Crosbie speaks to Gordon at The Cleaning Show, Excel London.

The collaboration of great products bought to the Cleaning Industry by Ionic Systems UK and now SkyVac which are produced by a UK business SpinaClean brings a new leg to the Australian and New Zealand Cleaning Industry. The first week of the inaugural launch of the new website in April has seen an enormous response both here in Australia and New Zealand.

Distribution will be through our current channels Ionic Systems Australia, and Blue Tongue Industries. We are looking forward to introducing ourselves to current business in Australia selling this great range of Gutter Vacuums, Internal High Dusting Kits and equipment. The range is quite extensive as we are looking at a brand new website that will be an information haven for all products and associated spare parts. Selling vacuums is only one part of our business, having the associated spares and additional products allow a business to diversify and reach new grounds. Spinaclean is such a market leader in the industry with distribution into a vast number of major countries since 2005, it has set true benchmarks.

SkyVac has been in Australia for a number of years and we look to revitalise the brand and provide a great service. Business and retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand will soon be able to log into our new website You can keep up to date with our social media, on both Facebook and Instagram (SkyVac Australia), to see key updates and promotions, as April 2019 is our bonus launch month.

Information is Key- Training is Key- Business Development, from A to Z, we can supplement Window Cleaning and Washing Supplies, Solar Panel Cleaning Packages both Water Fed and Traditional Tools from Moerman into complete Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Vacuuming packages that businesses and retail outlets will be able to display, offer training and support.

High Internal dusting and vacuuming have seen leaps and bounds in the last few years, and SpinaClean and SkyVac have developed new products never seen before in the vacuum industry. State of the art carbon fibre multi-stack poles, telescopic packages and trackside non-conductive kits will see you working more efficiently, safer and with better options.

The best way to learn about our products is to visit our catalogues and watch the large array of videos- See the great Range today! Gutter Vacuums, High Vacuum Equipment, Carbon Vacuum Poles, Gutter Cleaning Tools, High Dusting Tools and Kits, which are suited greatly to cleaning businesses, facility management companies and facility services. Allowing companies to safely manage and carry out these high reach cleaning tasks.

Products will be available through resellers in all capital cities, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and Goldcoast.

For more information about all SpinaClean and SkyVac products or, if you would like to have these great SkyVac brands in your showrooms, or purchase, get in touch today. Ph 1300 88 45 66

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