SkyVac® Industrial 85 – ‘Probably the best portable Gutter Vacuum, Gutter Cleaning system in the world’

January 10 2021

Industrial 85:  Power Performance & Handling. 

NEW features for 2021

When it comes to the skyVac® Industrial 85, we are constantly looking at the power, performance, and handling, to ensure that, from the ground to the gutter, we offer the best gutter system and experience for prolonged, everyday use.  This is why, we’re really excited about the new upgrades, that will be offered as standard for 2021. 

1:  Drain Hose and Sieve Basket

2: 7.5M Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose 

3: Elite Hairpin Neck tool holder

4:  Scalloped End tool.

1:  Drain Hose and Sieve Basket

So, you turn up at the customer’s property.  It’s been raining heavily overnight, and you can already see those tell-tale tufts of grass poking over the edge of the gutters, and those water marks down the side of the building.  These gutters are going to be waterlogged!  Whilst that’s not a problem from a suction or drum capacity point of view, it does make disposing of the gutter soup, with saturated moss and leaves, a lot more challenging.  That’s where the new drain hose and sieve are indispensable.

The sieve basket captures the saturated gutter debris entering the drum, such as moss, leaves and turf, allowing the rainwater to seep through the mesh, to collect at the base of the drum.   With the handy drain hose, emptying the standing water couldn’t be easier.   There’s no need to remove the Vac head.  Simply unscrew the airtight cap on the drain hose, and allow the water to exit the drum into a drain.  That’s less downtime, and more sucking up time! 

When the sieve basket is full, just remove the vac head and place it safely on the ground.  The steel footing on the filter protection plate acts as a secure stand for the vacuum head – yet another unique feature on the skyVac® Industrial 85! The sieve, containing drained gutter debris, can be lifted out of the drum, and the contents tipped straight into the compost bin or emptied onto flower beds. 

A great combination and upgrade for 2021, allowing you to focus on clearing gutters, and not worrying about how to dispose of their soupy contents! 

2: 7.5M Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose

For the freedom to roam further from the vacuum, without worry.  We’ve upgraded the hose to be longer, lighter and deliver improved performance.  After all, when you have the vac release cuff, you don’t have to stand next to the vacuum, to control the suction.

The wire-reinforced casing creates a sturdier sleeve, whilst being a third lighter than a standard hose, allowing you to move about more easily and with less risk of kinks.   The wire structure also offers a smoother and faster passageway for debris, to lower the risk of blockages.

3: Elite Hairpin Neck tool holder

Whilst we were at it, we thought we’d take a look around the bend – and see how could improve things there! So, we’ve enhanced our  Elite Hairpin 135-degree tool holder to give it a broader profile, through the curve to improve both debris and air circulation.  This wider passageway gives fast-moving gutter clutters such as twigs, moss and leaves, more room to move around the bend, resulting in fewer blockages and better performance.  Made of lightweight carbon fibre, the rigid structure gives firmer control on stubborn gutter growths. 

It’s another unique skyVac innovation, engineered for over-the-top performance. 

The perfect companion for the lightweight Elite poles, the new hose means you can focus more on what’s going on in the gutter, and less on what is happening on the ground.   

4:  Scalloped End tool.

And finally, we’ve added a NEW Scalloped End Tool into the mix.   With shaped edges and a narrow end, our scalloped end tool is engineered to improve airflow and to help break up stubborn gutter growths. 

So, we really do look at the system and the hands-on experience from the ground to the gutter, as the skyVac® Industrial 85 is all about working smarter, not harder. A small innovative tweak here, and a bit of fine-tuning there, can all make a big difference! 

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