SkyWand from SpinaClean-Window Cleaning Equipment & Supplies.

April 16 2019


Introducing to the Cleaning World an Internal Window Cleaning System for heights up to 6.6 Metres, and the longest Skywand only weighing in at 3.3 Kilos. With 5 different pad applicators for a multitude of surfaces. For frequent cleaning and hard to reach areas.

The Quickest and Safest Solution for Internal Window Cleaning.

No need for ladders or other high reach equipment. SkyWand allows you to clean internal glass windows, mirrors, cladding and other smooth & hard surfaces from the safety of the ground.

The Skywand from Spinaclean is extremely lightweight and easy to operate, with no batteries or cords to get in your way, very quick easy to set up for your cleaning needs.

It’s as simple as apply your cleaning pad of choice, extend to your required height and pull the trigger for a mist of water, a little scrubbing and job done !

For more information on the Skywand and other cleaning related products, give us a call on 1300 8845 66, or have a look on our websites for Pricing and product details, and other great products from SpinaClean and Skyvac.

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