Survey Cam an Inspection Camera like no other

August 10 2019

Surveillance if it is monitoring, inspections or the ability to watch works in progress is a task at hand that is undertaken daily in different industries. All controlled from the ground with no special licencing or detailed training resumes. If we can elaborate and add height to the equation Survey Cam quickly and safety from the ground can allow an operator to get a birds eye view without elevated platforms, ladders, or putting anyone at risk.

Heights with telescopic poles can quickly and evenly be achieved with light weight carbon fibre poles to heights of 50Ft. This weather proof system with super long battery life will change industry standards, increase speeds with simple tasks and most of all keep operators safer.

Survey Cam features a 5″ colour LCD with 3 levels of zoom. Both picture taking and recording video with date and time indicator. This also features a Built-in lithium battery (2.5 hours). The monitors have a protective jacket with a Sun Shade and come with a micro SD card and card reader/USB plug for onsite picture transfer to laptop or smart phone.

The preliminary showing have created a frenzy within different industry, as close consideration has been taken to provide a system of highest quality, and specifications to impress all. The collapsed length of the inspection pole allows easy cartage and stowage, and quick assembly of Survey Cam will allow, fast and quick assembly. The system will be suitable for a variety of inspections, works and surveillance, like listed. Register your interest today.

  • Security/law enforcement
  • Aviation High Reach structural initial Inspections
  • Warehouse Goods Inspection
  • Roofing
  • External Building Inspection
  • Boat Yacht Pleasure Vessel Inspections
  • Building Inspectors / Surveyors
  • Pest Control
  • Solar Panel Inspectors / Suppliers
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Military
  • Estate Agents Property Sales
  • Infrastructure Surveys
  • Stock Check
  • And More

It will be an exciting year for Survey Cam and the team behind the amazing products. Look out for the full launch later this year, and in the mean time keep an eye on the website

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