Tomorrows Cleaning – THE SKY’S THE LIMIT

April 2 2019

With more offices now posing added challenge thanks to high ceilings or glass atriums, Cleanology here discusses the advantages of high level vacuums like SkyVac.

Every commercial cleaning firm is familiar with the challenges posed  by offices with high ceilings or glass atriums. Short of hiring Spider-Man, the options for removing dust particles from harder to reach areas are limited, disruptive, and expensive. However, when Cleanology was contracted to deliver high level cleaning at design firm Pentagram’s offices, it brought SkyVac, a high level vacuum cleaner to tackle the least accessible areas.

Large corporate firms tend to house their staff in great headquarters with glass atriums supported by solid steel structures. Many other office buildings, although smaller, still integrate glass atriums or tall ceilings.

Andy De Sallis, Sales and Marketing Director at Cleanology, said: “Progressive companies now seek workspaces with a more open-
plan and industrial aesthetic; with overhead pipework and electrics on show or in exposed ducting – gone are the days of suspended ceiling tiles in modern offices. This means there are many more surfaces openly exposed for dust and grime to settle on – SkyVac is the answer.”

Traditional options for cleaning high level areas have placed restrictions on frequency. Andy continued: “Typically, a cherry picker with an operative onboard would be used for the really tall atriums and ceilings or, if a cherry picker was unsuitable, then a tower.”

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