October 18 2021

They might not be the first thing that you think of cleaning and clearing when planning your home maintenance projects, but good gutter health is critical for keeping your property weatherproofed. 

In this blog, we have a look at all things gutter cleaning-related.  From the tell-tale cues that your gutters need some TLC, through to safe and spotless gutter clearance with no ladders required.  So, if you’re curious about what makes a gutter vac best suited for this soupy task, then read on. 

How do you know your gutters need cleaning?

There are some obvious signs that your gutters are not flowing as freely as they should, or potentially blocked.  So, let’s head out, and lookup.  Are your gutters are showing any signs of…

• Water spilling out over the sides and edges

• Sagging, bowing, or drooping in the center

• Grass and weeds poking out over the edges

• Birds nesting in gutters – or animals tend to hang around the roof. 

Once you’ve finished looking up, it’s worth inspecting the property’s soffits, fascias, walls, and even the ground for potential signs of damage potentially caused by blocked gutters.

• Water stains and mildew around the gutters, facias, and walls

• Peeling paintwork, or cracks in brickwork

• Slippery or waterlogged areas next to the property  

If your property is showing any of these signs, then it’s worth having a professional gutter inspection.  Quick, easy and from the safety of the ground, the high access gutter inspection equipment can give you a clear picture of the state of your gutters.

How do you clean gutters without a ladder. 

The safest and most effective way to clean gutters is using a gutter vacuum.  With no ladders required, a specialist wet and dry gutter vac with high access suction poles and gutter cleaning tools can tackle projects up to four stories high. 

What are the advantages of using a Gutter Vacuum? 

Using a gutter cleaning machine to clear gutters is fast, effective, and can be done from the safety of the ground.  It’s quick and easy to set up and move around a property – unlike a cumbersome ladder.  

It keeps mess to the minimum.  No clambering up ladders and sticking your hands into a congealed gutter soup.  The rotting leaves, soggy turf, rain-soaked moss, and stagnant water are easily sucked up with a gutter vac.  No mess, no fuss and no getting covered in stinky gutter gunk!

The incredible suction power removes blockages in downpipes, standing water and the fertile fine silt that weeds love to make their home!  

The rigid suction poles and specialist gutter cleaning tools ensure a precision clean, even in the tightest of spots.  

So, for free-flowing gutter pipes and complete peace of mind – ditch the dangerous ladder and go with the gutter vac! 

Is a gutter vacuum different from a household vacuum? 

Yes!  A gutter vacuum is a specialist wet and dry vacuum that has been specifically engineered to cope with the rigors of gutter cleaning!  Hardcore systems, constructed from hard-wearing materials to cope with high-velocity gutter clutter and waterlogged debris. 

It’s constructed in two parts.  A well-insulated motor unit that generates the suction power.  This unit sits over the collection chamber or drum, which collects the incoming soggy gutter contents.  Keeping the sections separated protects the motor from damage and reduces the risk of electrocution. 

Working together, the two powerful aspects of suction of “Inch Water lift” and “LPM Air flow”, can evict even the most deep-rooted gutter blockage from its home in the downpipe.  

How does a gutter vacuum work

How does a gutter vacuum work?

When you power up the motor, the fans are activated, which in turn creates a “vacuum” within the collection drum.  Debris-loaded air rushes into the drum through the vac entry port, causing the air pressure to drop.  As the air stream travels around the drum it loosens its grip on the liquid and dirt particles, which in turn drop into the base of the drum.  

How does a wet and dry vacuum work

How do you clean gutters over conservatories? 

High access suction poles are ideal for reaching projects up to 4 stories high but also tackling gutter cleans that are set back over a garage, porch, or conservatory.

Typically made of carbon fiber, the lightweight and rigid suction poles can be extended to reach over obstacles enabling the immense suction to do the rest!  

Engineered for easy use, a single operator can quickly work their way around a property, overcoming any access challenges with the right combination of poles, neck angles, and gutter tools. 

So, for a fast and thorough gutter clean, leave the ladder in the garage and get up close and personal with a gutter vac! 


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