Wireless High-Reach Camera Inspection Systems: Remove Guesswork Safely

July 14 2021

A high reach wireless inspection camera system for gutter cleaning, high reach cleaning and vacuuming, surveillance, or any object at a height that you need to inspect or just see what is going on, in a smart and safe way for a variety of inspection tasks.  It’s a quick and easy way to get “eyes on”, but it’s also a smart business investment in adding a new genre or improving practices, and we’ll explain why.

Major benefits of having a high reach Gutter Inspection system? 


No requirements for ladders, elevated work platforms, like scissor or boom lifts or time-consuming risk assessments.  Attach the inspection system to a telescopic pole and be “up close” to the area of concern, or an item you may wish to inspect in a matter of minutes… all from the safety of the ground. Obstacles hindering access like structures or trees will have less hindrance in putting a camera system where you need it.

Efficiency:  Time is Money

Pre inspections let you know what is really “growing on” in the gutters, or allows an easy upsell to a customer. This ensures that you have the right tools and equipment on standby, as well as allocating the right amount of time in your schedule for cleaning. If you need to check stock on racking, look at flora and fauna, or carry out a building or roof inspection, it is now done quickly and safely.

If in a cleaning task, hands-free, attached to your suction poles, whilst vacuuming, gutters or dust will allow the operator to monitor progress and improve the cleaning task at hand.

Gutter Cleaning will allow an inspection of the customers cleaned guttering and will give them, as well as you the confidence and reassurance of a job done right. 

If looking for a fault or carrying out a general inspection, don’t miss a thing with the ability to record, take pictures, reinvestigate later or put in a report.

It takes the “uncertainty” out of quotes making sure you quote on what needs to be done at height, in a cleaning task, repair, or monitoring of an area or item. 


An all-round “best friend” to your gutter vacuum, high reach cleaning dusting, or high access inspection equipment, this system can:

  1. Allow Upselling to add value
  2. Adding a new genre to property markets with inspections at height
  3. Allow operators to capture video, images, for business, quotations, inspections, reports

Skyvac produces a number of wireless camera systems. Which one will suit your operation

Gutter Cleaning Inspections and Tasks:

Designed for Gutter Cleaning, our range of wireless camera systems feature large LCD monitor screens, pair instantly, no third-party applications, and have a minimum operating range of 50m.  Designed for outdoor use, with easy button access, a sunshade, to cut sun glare, and can withstand very light showers.   The camera mounted LEDs, will allow remote controlling to see into dark areas.

No wires, no need for App’s, passwords …, Simply switch on, and it connects. 

skyVac Real Time System:

Live-Action viewing on the job, gutter viewing, the skyVac® Real-time system with its 4.3” LCD screen, puts you and your customers in the picture.  This non-recordable option is ideal for pre-site inspections, monitoring progress and for post site check-ups. Affordable with great picture quality.

skyVac® Recordable System:

Has the same features as the skyVac® Real-time, a great live-action view, but the skyVac® Recordable Inspection system also captures, records photos and videos.  So, you can shoot and share your gutter inspections and finished tasks, capturing all important before and after images.  Transferring images from your monitor to your mobile or desktop, upload them to your socials or attach them to your invoices, quotes and reports. 

SurveyCam Inspection System: 

Top of the range, with a large 5” HD screen, and a secure and encrypted picture transmission up to a distance of 100 metres, the surveyCam® inspection system has brilliant features and allows you to inspect what you need to clear.  The enhanced viewing, picture and video quality, gives you the confidence and reassurance to make those important decisions based on what you can see and share. An oversized, detachable sunshade is like having an onsite viewing booth, so come rain or shine, the HD screen experience isn’t compromised by the elements.

Remote LED light controls, remote optical zoom, gives features not seen before.

With additional extras such as a handy telescopic handgrip for the monitor and a hard photographic case for storage, the surveyCam® system offers the professional gutter cleaning specialist, the ultimate gutter inspection system. 

So many different applications seen above and beyond cleaning the Survey Cam has multiple abilities,

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