Why EveryHome And Business Need A SkyVac™ ATOM!

March 30 2020

It’s a Spinaclean bestseller and is loved by gutter cleaning professionals, tradesmen and homeowners alike.  The skyVac™ Atom is a powerful, portable wet and dry vacuum that tackles a host of projects whether they are domestic or commercial, indoor or outdoor, at ground level or up to 4 stories high!  It’s so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

The window cleaner’s favourite and a nice little earner.

Known in the trade as the window cleaners’ favourite, the skyVac™ Atom is compact and lightweight and fits neatly in the van.  Ready at a moment’s notice, the skyVac™ Atom’s lightweight carbon fibre poles can be securely slotted together to reach stubborn gutter debris up to 4 stories high or in hard to access locations such as over conservatories.  It makes perfect sense if you are on-site cleaning windows that you clear the gutters too.  The skyVac™ Atom offers a great way to earn more from existing customers but also a specialised service to help you win new ones!  So, if you are a window cleaner or for that fact, a handyman, a painter and decorator, a landscape gardener or even just starting out and looking for a new business venture, the skyVac™ Atom is an all-round hard worker and great little earner. 

DIY Gutter clearance without ladders for Homeowners.

For the home or business owner, especially those with overhanging branches and leaves, the skyVac™ Atom is a great addition to your property maintenance equipment.   Keep on top of autumn leaf fall and carry out spring maintenance to clear any decomposing leaf debris which provides fertile growing condition for seeds, either airborne or dropped by birds.

Property owners impacted by fir trees will experience year-round falling pine needles making regular gutter clearance essential and costly if outsourcing to a specialised gutter clearing professional.  The skyVac™ Atom’s handy blow function will quickly and efficiently blast stubborn pine needles from gutters for free-flowing rain drainage.   A one-off skyVac™ Atom purchase will quickly for itself for gutter clearance alone and we haven’t even covered its multiple uses outside and inside!

For the hands-on Property Owner.

A robust wet and dry vac for home, garage or garden maintenance.  From vacuuming up debris from those messy home improvement projects, to clearing spills, puddles and unblocking external drains, through to keeping gardens and patios leaf-free with the blow function, the skyVac™ Atom is perfect for the handy property owner. 

Internal High-Level Cleaning.

Whilst high ceilings and exposed beams are wonderful to have in a property, they are havens for dust and cobwebs and pose a constant cleaning challenge.   With an array of cleaning tools and lightweight carbon fibre poles, the skyVac™ Atom can easily reach up to those hard to access nooks and crannies.  Ideal for hotels with tall atriums, stately homes and historic houses with high ceilings, barn conversions with exposed beams through to open airy stairways, the skyVac™ Atom makes the inaccessible, accessible.

So, for day to day cleaning and maintenance either indoor or outdoor, as a property owner, or as a cleaning service provider, the skyVac™ Atom is a great little investment with a big payback.

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Cleaned by Falcon using the skyVac Atom